QBayLogic: a new spin-off company of the CAES group

In autumn 2016 the spin-off company QBayLogic started its services in FPGA design, based on the compiler CλaSH that translates mathematical specifications of FPGA architectures into a traditional hardware description language. The compiler CλaSh is developed by of the CAES-group, over a period of eight years, resulting in many publications and several PhD theses. We are proud that this period of fruitful rearch resulted in a spin-off company to transfer the developed techniques to the market.


Strong benefits of the compiler CλaSH over traditional hardware description languages are, first of all, that it increases the productivity of a designer substantially, often with a factor 2 to 5. This is due to the clear semantics of the underlying language and the close relationship to both the mathematical essence of a design and the nature of a hardware architecture. That results in benefits such as type safety, polymorphism, and straighforward possibilities for simulation and testing.

We strongly believe that right now it is the time for the market to make the step towards exploiting FPGAs and we are convinced that QBayLogic may play an important role in supporting companies by making this step, either by supporting the development of a design itself, or by giving courses on the usage of the compiler, or by offering consultancy on the question how to use FPGAs.

The group is happy that Demcon B.V. offered an accommodation to QBayLogic in their building, which in our opinion expresses that Demcon recognizes the potential of the techniques that QBayLogic offers. The CAES group wishes the founders of the spin-off company, Jan Kuper and Christiaan Baaij, a lot of success in the development of QBayLogic.


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