Mapping of a DAB radio channel decoder to an homogeneous MPSoC using the Omphale toolkit

Type: Master's Assignment
Student: Berend Dekens
Contacts: Jochem RutgersMarco BekooijAndré Kokkeler
Project: NEST: Netherlands Streaming
Location: CAES, University of Twente


Todays computers are multi-core systems which contain more and more cores. A challenge is to find efficient methods to write programs for such systems. Existing languages are modified to adapt to this new paradigm but these modifications typically introduce additional complications. When we consider the fact that it is desirable to reuse existing algorithms on such multi-core systems, the limitations of parallel languages become visible.

The Omphale tool-kit and its accompanying language, called OIL, is taking a new approach to writing parallel algorithms. OIL is a coordination language and allows to mix OIL and another language in such a way that the functionality of the components are described in the original language while the communication between components is described in OIL.


The assignment is to explore the use of the Omphale tool-kit with a MPSoC system to map an existing sequential DAB radio decoder algorithm to many core embedded systems. The mapping will provide insight how suitable the current tool-flow is and in which direction extensions are required.

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