Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)

Type: Master's Assignment
Contacts: André Kokkeler
Location: CAES, University of Twente


Hybrid Memory Cube is a DRAM memory architecture combining high-speed logic process technology with a stack of through-silicon-via (TSV) bonded memory die. The aim is to increase memory performance and bandwidth in an energy efficient way. One of the application areas that is addressed with this technology is High Performance Computing.

Within the CAES group we have a Hybrid Memory Cube research system at our disposal. The system is Linux based with a GPU-sized Gen 3 PCIe backplane and 2 AC-510 modules (one Xilinx Kintex XCKU060 and one 4 GB HMC on each module).  More information can be found on http://www.hybridmemorycube.org.

The aim of the MSc. assignment is to investigate whether the HMC technology is suitable for power efficient computing within Radio Astronomy. Algorithms to be investigated are the 2D FFT, Gridding and Degridding.

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