ICT for energy management in buildings and smart grids

The research in this theme started in 2007. In this theme Molderink, Bakker and Bosman have developed a 3-step control methodology (based on prediction, planning and real-time control) for energy management in buildings and smart grids supported by STW (SFEER project), Essent, Gasterra and E.ON.

The results got a very good response from the energy community and resulted in a large number of papers. This theme has resulted in an energy expertise centre at the UT called SETS.

Considering the current interest in energy-efficiency we expect this theme will grow in size in the coming years. In 2011 two new PhD students (funded by NWO and STW) and two Post-Docs (funded by STW and by Route-14 of the UT) will start. The group has taken the initiative to start an expertise centre SETS (Smart Energy Technologies and Systems). In the expertise center, the UT will work closely together with key players in industry (e.g. RWE, Alliander, KEMA, Siemens, IBM, Locamation, Nedap) on the development of ICT for Smart Energy Systems such as Smart Grids.

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