The chair CAES of the University of Twente is part of the European ENNIAC project “ELESIS”, on a European Library-based flow of Embedded Silicon test Instruments.

The project is focused on improving the industrial test infrastructure for integrated circuits, leading to safe, reliable, high quality and low cost semiconductor products in Europe. The creation of an Open Source Platform, to manage access to the internal IP blocks from top level Systems-on-Chips, could be used by IP, IDM and Fabless companies in Europe. Cooperation with Dutch industries is inherent.

The planned activities in this specific position on design, modeling, verification and tools for embedded dependability instruments for automotive sensor, analogue and mixed-signal functional blocks (IPs) are as follows:

  • Evaluation of IEEE P1687 (IJTAG) and IEEE 1149.7 standards for use in embedded instruments for sensors, analog as well as mixed-signal functional blocks. Co-develop software for access and control of the instruments.
  • Design, modeling and verification simulation of several embedded instruments to be used as dependability monitors during lifetime
  • Possible implementation and verification of several embedded instruments
  • Evaluation of test and diagnostic times, range and accuracy and dependability features
  • Close cooperation with Dutch leading industries
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